Why I write

I think I tell a good story. How often have you said , ” Oh, there’s a story.” Write it down I guess. It wasn’t until I started writing things down again in the last even years or so, did I realize old friends and family member s said, Why did you stop? Basically because I need a job to pay the bills. It wasn’t until I was reading about a particular show I liked, and read some fan fiction, did I think about writing again. I had ideas on some fan fiction and wrote it. I sent it to the online group and they liked it. I’m sure my grammar and punctuation, as well as structure needed some work. The positive feed back made me think I’d do okay. A about this same time, I bought myself a laptop. Which is funny because I write long hand, on yellow ruled paper. Once the story is done, then I type it. I’m a part time writer. I can carry a pad of paper pretty easily and write whenever the spirit moves me, so to speak. I need the ideas to flow and without stopping. I dont want to worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation or paragraph structure. I fix these when I type and do the first edit. There are many more edits after that. That’s me in a nutshell. My current genre is Contemporary Romance. I have idea on other genres, but romance keeps me busy right now. We will see what the future brings.

First blog post

The question becomes – what do I want my blog to be? I am a self published writer of contemporary romance, so that will be part if this. I read a lot as well. I think all writers do. If my Goodreads account is any indication, I average a book a week. Sometimes it’s none and sometimes it’s three. I’m currently reading two books these last two weeks. Surely, some musings on life, because we all have opinions. That’s it for now. Book details later.