My newest book ‘Only Love Exists’ comes out on May 15 th. It’s the story of Cassie, a photographer and Evan, a police officer she meets while she’s sitting in a tree. (Get or getting the picture?). They’ve both been unlucky at Love, but find something in one another. Life is never a smooth sail, but they were through their insecurities and find the love and family they’re both looking for. 

Only Love Exists

Authors, and other creative minded types, usually get the question, “How did you come up with the idea?” My basic premise is writing romance is they meet, fall in love, need to each resolve some conflicts, to get to happily ever after.
Simple, right?
This story started while I was looking at some pictures I had taken. I’d love to be able to get a better camera and really explore, but real life gets in the way and I need to work to pay my bills. I’m a photo hobbyist at best, but I do take some pictures that I consider to be very good. Usually things in nature. I take terrible people pictures. I put in one file all the pictures of flowers I took. If I like the look of it, I take the picture. I wasn’t especially looking to take lots of flowers, but I had a bunch. If you live in New England, the oak trees in the fall have beautifully colored leaves. Usually an orange and when the sunlight hits the tree just right, the colors are awe inspiring. There’s this one tree in the office park I work in that I take a picture of every few years. It’s the way the early morning sun hits it that makes me say, wow.
My working title of the book was Love, Flowers, and a Tree. I usually change the title to something I write in the book. That’s how this book became Only Love Exists. My female character, Cassie, became a photographer and she’s taking pictures when she meets Evan. Why would she meet Evan? He could be a police officer. There are no by-laws that I know of about climbing trees in public parks, but it is New England. There are still some archaic laws on the books. This one seemed plausible enough. So they meet when he asks her to come down from climbing a tree. The rest flows after that. I’m not one of those people who works from an outline. I don’t know the middle or the end, other that it usually ends happily.

What’s the inspiration?

As I sit here this evening, I’m writing on my personal laptop. I have my iPad close by as I like to use it for a dictionary or any other items I might want to look up. I have my phone close by. My parents are out of town and they might call. I have the TV on in the background watching the ballgame.

In case your wondering, I do have pen and paper close by. Sometimes I like to put pen to paper as for me ideas flow easier from my brain out to the pen in my hand.

See, I’m old enough to remember when the only thing we had a big console TV and a rotary dial phone. I wonder how we got anything done back then? We did obviously. Just slower.

With every new technology, there is something lost or maybe put aside. Today we can’t seem to function without some technology at hand. Are we any better? Have we become a society that has forgotten how to have a conversation with others? It does keep the ones far away close. We tweet, facebook, Instagram, and so many others I don’t currently use.

I won’t debate whether it is good or not. It just is.


Technology and Multitasking

So on one of my email addresses, I have been receiving daily email offers on various author’s books. Not sure how I got on that email list, but anyway. Some authors I recognize as they are authors I’ve read, others of authors I’ve heard of, and authors who are new to me. While I read a lot, I cannot read them all. 

As a writer myself, I’m beginning to wonder how I fit in. How do I find my audience? Am I any good?  I don’t have unlimited funds to do the marketing needed to bring my books to the masses. I have to use my funds wisely and where I think I can do some business. I need to look at different kinds of marketing. Whew!

For a second or two there, I began to wonder if I should continue my writing. Then I realized, I can’t put my brain on hold. The stories are there and I’ll put them down on paper or some electronic medium. Some will read them. Some will like them. Some may even leave a review. 

Contemporary Romance is my current genre. I have outlines for a children’s book, a mystery, sci-if, and I just might write a book about my family. I think I will be busy for a while.

So many writers…

” To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. ”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Just some thoughts to share. This last month all I’ve read in the papers, online, and watched on television, is about violence and sadness. As an observer of people, I’m not sure what to think any more. Are we all that unhappy that we need to resort to these acts of violence? I know we live in a 24/7/365 mentality and have info at our fingertips, but is it really more violence or do we just know more about everything, everywhere. Either way, it is a disturbing trend. I still don’t know what to think. I’ll try positive and happy. Maybe that will rub off on one or two, then four, then eight. You get the picture.

What makes the world go round

So here it is – June 30th.

I published all I wrote in the last year. I did more marketing. I created paper backs as well as ebooks. (That wasn’t one of the original goals, but what the hell!). The books are somewhat selling, so that’s good.  Working on some new marketing. So, we’ll see where the next six months brings me.
I’m still writing. Always. I’ve decided I need to get things edited more quickly for myself. I tend to wait until I finish the story, but sometimes I forgot what I meant at the beginning of the story writing process.

Al in all, a pretty decent year to date.


Met my writing goals