I love reading, but I also love audio books. I must admit, I read the book first before investing in the audio book. You also get a discount if you’ve bought the ebook first. Why would I do both, you might ask. Like everything else, sometimes you miss something the first go around. The audio gives me sounds and nuances I might not have gotten from reading. I mostly listen in my car when I’m commuting to work or on a long trip. It makes the time go by faster.

So, I’ve made an investment and one of my books ” Love Forever Yours” is now an audio book. I am amazed at the number of ways you can buy or rent an audio book. Waiting on the final audio version of another book of mine “Only Love Exists”. A great narrator makes the story come to life.

If you haven’t tried audio books, I highly recommend it. Get a favorite author or favorite book and try it out. There are lots of free trials out there and they let you keep the book if you don’t sign up. Listen on anything that has Bluetooth – phone, iPad, laptop, download to an MP3 player.

Happy reading and happy listening everyone.

Audio books

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