It’s the holidays, in case you haven’t noticed. Received our first snowfall in New England this past weekend, which really makes you think about the holidays. Old tv favorites like Rudolf has played. Hallmark has a whole channel dedicated to Christmas movies. One of the radio stations I have preset plays Christmas music 24/7 starting the day after Thanksgiving.

Since I write, I’ve never specifically written a Christmas story. I love the holiday, I just haven’t figured a whole story around it. I’ve actually read quite a few myself, so maybe I’ll try writing one for next year. I do have Christmas in a few of my books. One is called “A Gift to Give”. Not a Christmas story per se, but the couple finally tells each other their true feelings during the holidays. In “Love Forever Yours” I wanted to show how family’s get together with all their craziness. Also embracing others who may not have family nearby to celebrate. In “Only Love Exists”, Christmas is a time for expressing your love for that special person. So while I don’t have a Christmas only book yet, Christmas plays a prominent role in my stories.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas

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