What was it that made me start writing again and ultimately to self-publish? I was reading a lot of fan fiction online. Most of it was really good and creative. As it happened, I had ideas of my own and wrote a few down and shared with that online group.

From there, I had story ideas of my own and put pen to paper. Literally. I pulled out a yellow letter ruled notepad. Why yellow and not white? I find white blinding and hard on the eyes. When I’m on a writing roll, my hands write faster than I could ever type. When I finally invested in a laptop, I could get these stories in a readable format, I could see my mistakes, and do some editing. These initial stories I put in a book called “When Love Reveals”.

This initial writing allowed me to develop more of my writing and therefore write longer, and better constructed stories. The more I write, the better I become.

While writing is not my full time occupation, I write whenever I can. When a recent health issue came up, as I had idle time, all I could think of doing was to write down what I was thinking and feeling. Some of it poignant, some funny, and stuff I swear I couldn’t make up.

Here I am. A writer.

Why you do what you do

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