Authors, and other creative minded types, usually get the question, “How did you come up with the idea?” My basic premise is writing romance is they meet, fall in love, need to each resolve some conflicts, to get to happily ever after.
Simple, right?
This story started while I was looking at some pictures I had taken. I’d love to be able to get a better camera and really explore, but real life gets in the way and I need to work to pay my bills. I’m a photo hobbyist at best, but I do take some pictures that I consider to be very good. Usually things in nature. I take terrible people pictures. I put in one file all the pictures of flowers I took. If I like the look of it, I take the picture. I wasn’t especially looking to take lots of flowers, but I had a bunch. If you live in New England, the oak trees in the fall have beautifully colored leaves. Usually an orange and when the sunlight hits the tree just right, the colors are awe inspiring. There’s this one tree in the office park I work in that I take a picture of every few years. It’s the way the early morning sun hits it that makes me say, wow.
My working title of the book was Love, Flowers, and a Tree. I usually change the title to something I write in the book. That’s how this book became Only Love Exists. My female character, Cassie, became a photographer and she’s taking pictures when she meets Evan. Why would she meet Evan? He could be a police officer. There are no by-laws that I know of about climbing trees in public parks, but it is New England. There are still some archaic laws on the books. This one seemed plausible enough. So they meet when he asks her to come down from climbing a tree. The rest flows after that. I’m not one of those people who works from an outline. I don’t know the middle or the end, other that it usually ends happily.

What’s the inspiration?

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