As I sit here this evening, I’m writing on my personal laptop. I have my iPad close by as I like to use it for a dictionary or any other items I might want to look up. I have my phone close by. My parents are out of town and they might call. I have the TV on in the background watching the ballgame.

In case your wondering, I do have pen and paper close by. Sometimes I like to put pen to paper as for me ideas flow easier from my brain out to the pen in my hand.

See, I’m old enough to remember when the only thing we had a big console TV and a rotary dial phone. I wonder how we got anything done back then? We did obviously. Just slower.

With every new technology, there is something lost or maybe put aside. Today we can’t seem to function without some technology at hand. Are we any better? Have we become a society that has forgotten how to have a conversation with others? It does keep the ones far away close. We tweet, facebook, Instagram, and so many others I don’t currently use.

I won’t debate whether it is good or not. It just is.


Technology and Multitasking

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