So on one of my email addresses, I have been receiving daily email offers on various author’s books. Not sure how I got on that email list, but anyway. Some authors I recognize as they are authors I’ve read, others of authors I’ve heard of, and authors who are new to me. While I read a lot, I cannot read them all. 

As a writer myself, I’m beginning to wonder how I fit in. How do I find my audience? Am I any good?  I don’t have unlimited funds to do the marketing needed to bring my books to the masses. I have to use my funds wisely and where I think I can do some business. I need to look at different kinds of marketing. Whew!

For a second or two there, I began to wonder if I should continue my writing. Then I realized, I can’t put my brain on hold. The stories are there and I’ll put them down on paper or some electronic medium. Some will read them. Some will like them. Some may even leave a review. 

Contemporary Romance is my current genre. I have outlines for a children’s book, a mystery, sci-if, and I just might write a book about my family. I think I will be busy for a while.

So many writers…

One thought on “So many writers…

  1. I’ve often wondered about that myself. Sometimes I wonder if I should continue writing; especially since I don’t have many readers. It’s a really hard thing to decide. I haven’t fully decided if I’m going to quit writing or not.


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