It’s been a few says since I last posted. I was finishing an edit on a book and got that published on Amazon as a Kindle book. I literally got it finished at dinner time on Friday evening, and it went live somewhere about 1:30 AM based on the email I got from Amazon. By noon at least two people had read it based on KENP (pages read by KU readers). It’s been a week and that title or cover or story is selling well.

I’ve had four different books go out since the beginning of May.

  1. Loves Road Home, short story, approx 60 pages, couple walking down a dirt road on the cover.
  2. Love, French Toast, and Bacon, novella length, approx 120 pages, cute couple in a playful hug with some plate in hand on the cover.
  3. Kissed By Sunset, novella length, approx 120 pages, silouetted couple in the sunset on the cover.
  4. Love Forever Yours, book length, approx 225 pages, man, woman and child frolicking at the beach on the cover.

So, is a family on the cover what is selling the book? A single woman and a divorced man with a child. You know the drill. Eventually they get together.

I guess this is something to think about. Maybe more family oriented stories are the way to go.

What sells Books?

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