Because I am a part time writer, I always have a pen and paper close by. Usually my phone or iPad with me. If I get inspired, I write myself notes of I just put the ideas down. I like writing longhand. The ideas flow free and I write better than I type. I don’t worry about format, punctuation, or spelling. I then transcribe on my laptop and do my first edit. So, my laptop is now being repaired or debugged, I’m not sure which, and I’m unable to do the edits I was working for my latest book I wanted to get out. Sigh! I  have self imposed deadlines. So much for those. I picked up my pen and started working on the third new story I’ve begun in the last month. It’s not bad. The words are flying from my fingertips. I have no idea where the story is going yet. I’ll let it developed as I go along. Editing out. Writing in. Not a bad trade off. 

Writing longhand

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